2020 "Virtual" National Meeting
Attendee Tips and Information

Thank you for your interest in the 2020 AACO "Virtual" National Meeting.  We are glad to have you, and we hope you find the sessions to be enjoyable and of benefit to your career.  The information presented below is intended to provide some basic tips about attending a webinar, including how to sign in.

We will be using the "Zoom Webinar" platform.  While many have become familiar attending Zoom meetings this year, it's important to note that the "webinar" function is just a little bit different from a regular meeting.  

For starters, download the ATTENDEE FACT SHEET that was sent out with all of the meeting confirmations.  This contains a lot of useful information and details about attending a Zoom webinar.

Here's a short summary of the important points . . .

  • A few days before the conference, each attendee for the webinar will receive a series of three emails -- one for each day of the conference.  It will come from "Zoom.us" with your sign-in information and a link that is unique to your registration. 
    • PLEASE NOTE that each link is good for just that day's session -- Saturday, Sunday and Monday.  It can be used only by one person, so don't share it with somebody else!
    • You can leave and return to each session using the same link.  So if you need to do something else with the intent of coming back later, no problem.
    • AACO Business Meeting -- On Sunday morning, the AACO member business meeting will take place.  This will have a sign-in link that is different from the regular educational sessions.  All AACO members are welcome to attend, whether or not you have registered for the general conference.  We will send out a separate email with the log-in for the business meeting and meeting agenda shortly before the meeting.
  • Internet Concerns
    • Most recent computers and tablets will be able to handle the webinar requirements without any trouble, but it's always a good idea to make sure your system updates have been installed.
    • Zoom supports all of the typical web browsers such as Chrome, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, and Apple's Safari.
    • The first time you sign-in to any Zoom event, you will have an opportunity to download and install the Zoom application.  We strongly recommend that you do this... it will take only a minute or two.
    • If you are connecting to the Internet through WiFi, we suggest trying to place yourself close to the WiFi hub to assure a strong signal.
    • If you are watching at home, ask members of your household to refrain from online activities like Netflix or games since these will compete for broadband space.
  • Here is a short video demonstrating how to sign-in to a webinar and what to expect.  Expand the window to a full-screen so you can see the details and be sure to turn up your sound.

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