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FAQs - Answers about the
2020 AACO National Meeting

Here are a few items of interest that have been asked about the 2020 "virtual" national meeting.  If your questions are not addressed below, please feel free to email us:  [email protected] 

Registration Questions

I have to work on one of the days of the conference.  Do I need to register for both the "live" sessions and the recordings? 

Everybody who registers for the live sessions also will be able to access the recordings of the conference sessions.  So, you do not need to register for both.  However, if you are not planning to attend any of the live sessions, then you should purchase access to the recordings.  View registration details on the main National Meeting webpage

What is the latest time I can register for the National Meeting?  Can I still sign-up on the day of the conference? 

The deadline for registering to attend any of the National Meeting sessions "live" is 12 noon (CDT) on Thursday, November 12.  This is so we can make sure all of the registered attendees are in the system and receive their sign-in link before the conference begins.  There will be no "same-day" registrations.  However, if you miss the deadline for the live meeting, you can still purchase access to the recordings, even after the conference.

Recordings of Sessions

When will the recordings be available to view? 

Links to session recordings will be posted on he conference materials page on the AACO website no later than Friday, November 20.  Some may be posted sooner.  An email will be sent to all registered participants with instructions when the recordings are ready to be viewed.

Recordings will remain available on the AACO website until May 2021 to those who either registered for the live meeting or purchased access to the recordings.

Will I be able to view the recording of a session the same day as the live meeting? 

Unfortunately, that will not be possible.  The recorded sessions will be ready within a few days after the conference concludes, but definitely not later than Friday, November 20.

Will all of the national meeting sessions be recorded? 


How can I purchase access to the recorded sessions?

CLICK HERE to access the session recording order form.  The fee is $150 for members, $300 for non-members, and no charge for students or newly certified orthoptists.  You do not need to purchase the recordings if you are registered for the live sessions.

Continuing Education

Will I be able to earn AOC and IJCAHPO CE credits?

Yes, both AOC and IJCAHPO credit will be available for attendees at the live sessions.  However, IJCAHPO credit will not be available if you access only the recordings; AOC credit will be available for individuals who view only the recordings.

To earn CE credit, you will be expected to complete a quiz which will be posted on the same conference webpage as the links to the recordings.  Instructions will be provided at the same time.  An email will be sent to all meeting participants with instructions about how to access this information.

How can I get access to the quizzes?  

All registered attendees and individuals who have purchased access to the recordings will be sent an email with instructions about how to access the webpage where the quizzes and recordings are posted.  Only those registered or who have purchased the recordings will be able to open that page.  All of the quizzes will be available at the same time... so you certainly may take the quiz soon after the conference while the information is still fresh in your mind.  

How many CE credits will be available?

This meeting has been approved by AOC for 14.0 Core and 0.5 Non-Core credits, and by IJCAHPO for 13.0 Group A credits.

Technical Issues

How will attendees be able to access the conference sessions?

We will be using "Zoom Webinar" for the live broadcasts of the sessions.  CLICK HERE for additional information and a fact sheet for attendees.  Most recent computers should have no trouble connecting to the Zoom sessions.

All individuals who registered for the live sessions should have received three automated emails generated by the Zoom system.  There will one email with a link for each day of the conference:  Saturday, Sunday and Monday.  These three emails are sent to the email we have in our registration system.  If that is your work email -- but you are planning to view the sessions from home -- you can still use that link.  If you do not have access to your work email account from home, we recommend that you forward that email to  your personal account for easy access.

I don't have a lot of experience with computers.  Will there be a "help desk" I can call if I run into problems?

Unfortunately, our staffing resources will not allow us to provide assistance during the conference.  We strongly recommend that you review in advance of the meeting the attendee information we've posted on the AACO website.  Members who are unsure of their computer skills may want to have a friend or a family member "on standby" to provide assistance.

I am a presenter or a panelist.  How will I access the session where I am speaking so I can show my PowerPoint slides?

All speakers participating "live" in one of the sessions will have a regular sign-in link to the Zoom webinars that gets you access to view all of the sessions.  Just before the session where you are speaking, we'll promoted to a "Panelist" level which give you the ability to share your screen and use your webcam and audio.  You will be able to view and hear all of the other presentations during your session just as the other attendees.  We have posted a Presenters Toolkit with more detailed information.




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