Employment Opportunity Posting Procedures

Post your employment opportunity ad for 6 months from date of purchase for $350.


All employment opportunities placed on the AACO website must meet the following qualifications and conditions:

  1. The AACO will make a reasonable effort to screen postings it publishes, the American Association of Certified Orthoptists assumes no liability for the content of announcements or the accuracy of information contained in an announcement submitted. Questions about specific postings should be submitted directly to the author of the posting.
  2. AACO reserves the right to decline to publish a posting for any reason.  If your posting is declined, we will refund the posting fee.
  3. All employment opportunities must be submitted using the online form.  Any submission sent by regular email will be rejected.
  4. Every ad must have the name, phone number and email address for a contact person who can respond to inquiries.
  5. We post your submission directly to the website, please take the time to proof read your posting before submission. 
  6. The employment opportunity ad should contain 250 words or less.  Submissions with more than 250 words may be returned. 
  7. The document containing your employment opportunity should be straight text (Word or RTF format).  Do not upload a brochure or a job announcement "flier."  Documents that are not in a text format will be returned.
  8. The employment opportunity is removed from the AACO Website 6 months from the posting date.

Please use the link below to submit your employment opportunity.  You will need to login or create a login to submit the form. 

Please allow 2-3 business days after submitting your request for your listing to appear on the website.

Submit an Employment Opportunity

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