American Association of Certified Orthoptists

2021 National Meeting

November 13-15, 2021
Recordings Now Available

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Recorded Sessions
Don’t worry if you missed a live session. All sessions have been recorded and have been posted to the AACO Online Learning Center.  Your registration grants you access to all on-demand content for the 2021 AACO National Meeting.  Recordings for on-demand viewing will be available for 6 months after the meeting ends.  The last day to view on-demand content for the 2021 AACO National Meeting will be May 15, 2022.  You can still register to watch the recorded sessions. See below to register. 

 2021 Meeting Booklet



52nd Richard G. Scobee Memorial Lecturer 
Extraocular Muscle: The Dynamic Motor in Ocular Motor Disorders

Steve Christiansen, MD
Chair, Department of Ophthalmology,
Boston University/Boston Medical Center


Step by Step Instructions to watch the recorded sessions of the 2021 AACO National Meeting

  1. Login to the AACO 2021 National Meeting Website
    1. Everyone will need to log in to the AACO Online Learning Center to access the 2021 AACO National Meeting, you will be directed back to the AACO website to log in and then automatically redirected back to the AACO National Meeting website.
    2. Use the same credentials used to submit your registration.  If you forget your password, use the reset password link.  
  2. Click on the 2021 AACO Meeting icon found on your homepage and you will be directed to the meeting overview. 
    1. If you do not see the 2021 AACO Meeting, be sure you are logged in to the AACO Online Learning Center
  3. From the meeting overview, you can click on each day of the meeting to open the table of contents and meeting schedule for the day.
    1. Click on the course or talk you wish to join
    2. Click on the "Live Session" button to join the live Zoom Session


Sunday Symposium
The 2021 AOC / AACO / AAO Sunday Symposium can be found on the AACO Online Learning Center.  Everyone registered for the 2021 AACO National Meeting has access to the Sunday Symposium. 1.25 Core AOC credits have been awarded for the Sunday Symposium.  iJCAHPO CE is not available for the Sunday Symposium.  

How to access the Sunday Symposium

  1. Login to the AACO Online Learning Center
  2. Click on the course titled “2021 AACO Sunday Symposium”
  3. Watch the videos
  4. To collect AOC CE, write down three takeaway points to submit with your recertification application.


Continuing Education Credits
iJCAHPO CE 8.75 CE credits was offered for the live event only.  

AOC CE 10.75 Core and 1.75 Non-Core credits have been awarded all recorded sessions. In order to receive AOC credit, the AOC requires each attendee to record three takeaway points per hour, i.e. things you have learned or statements made during the lecture. You may print the optional form (below) to record your takeaway points while viewing the lectures, though you may also use your own paper or electronic document to record. If you use this optional form, please keep this form with your records and submit it with your recertification. It does not need to be submitted to the meeting organizers in order to receive credit. 

Optional Takeaway Points Form
2021 CE Reporting Form



You can still register for access to the recorded sessions. Click the button below to register. 
*The AOC has awarded CE for both the live sessions and all recordings of the sessions. iJCAHPO CE has been awarded for the live sessions only.



Need Help?
For questions or help accessing meeting content, please see our Help FAQ Page or contact the AACO Website Chairs, Jorie Jackson, and Sally Murray at [email protected]