Conestoga Eye
Lancaster, PA

Full-Time position (40 hrs/wk).This position is considered a senior-level position and comes with managerial responsibilities. Monday– Friday with occasional Saturdays; possible late hours. Travel is required to remote locations (<30% of the time)


Provide comprehensive care to patients.Provide administrative oversight in relation to patient care and areas of clinical practice management. Run effective and meaningful studies as the practice directs. Coordinate and oversee site visits of the KinderSee program in conjunction with Senior Administrator.



  • See internal and external referrals
  • See patients screened by technician who report an issue requiring a sensorimotor exam
  • See any patient the doctor identifies as needing a sensorimotor exam or orthoptic examination
  • Treat and manage patients as overseen by the doctor (temporary or permanent prism, orthoptic exercises, occlusion therapy, glasses, lifestyle changes, and referral for surgical consultation)
  • Review sensorimotor exams performed by technicians and provide interpretation and suggested treatment and follow up to the physician treating the patient
  • Seeing patients for prism refractions
  • Train technical staff as it relates to ophthalmic techniques, such as: refractions, retinoscopy, alignment, sensorimotor exams, etc.

Administrative Staff 

  • Review with other members of administration aspects of patient flow, patient management, staff management, information technology, surgical scheduling, and medical records. 
  • Adhere to all Clinic policies on safety and security.
  • Must exercise the utmost diplomacy and tact to provide excellent customer service for all patients.
  • Must practice confidentiality and privacy protocols in accordance to Clinic policies and HIPAA requirements.
  • Complete all required OSHA training via webinar, understanding the procedures that need to be followed.
  • Attend scheduled department staff and clinical meetings
  • Must be cross-trained and able to fill in for other positions in the practice, in the event of a call-off or vacation. If this would occur, the specific job description for that position will be followed.
  • Other duties as assigned

Research Coordinator 

  • Run clinic research studies
  • Seek out potential new studies (fill out surveys in for studies we may qualify for, fill out applications with detailed generic information on our practice to keep on file at companies who may wish to utilize out site in the future, meet with pharmaceutical companies and coordinating centers, etc.)
  • Perform study visits (including completing case report forms, performing any procedures as allowed for on the delegation of authority log to save the doctor time such as visual acuity, IOP and questionnaires, completing electronic data entry, consenting patients, etc)
  • Update study logs at least weekly (consent, temperature, drug accountability, calibration, DOF, specimen, etc)
  • Identify potential patients to enroll into studies (chart review, staff education, newspaper ads, letters to referring doctors, etc)
  • Supervise audits (including preparing regulatory documents and case report forms for audit, being available to auditor to answer questions, addressing queries, coordinating the investigator to meet with the auditor, scheduling audits, etc)
  • Manage study patients appointments
  • Manage regulatory documents (SOP’s, IRB, correspondences, medical licenses, GCP, protocol amendments, adverse events, financial disclosure, consent form, budget, contracts)
  • Manage queries
  • Keep in regular communication with study monitors, coordinating center, labs, investigators
  • Oversee the certification and job responsibilities of other employees doing specified study tasks (as approved by principal investigator in advance), such as: fundus photograph certification, uploads, and queries.
  • Order study medication and study supplies
  • Maintain study documents after study has closed (to be stored in the office for at least one year, and then to be stored in a clearly labeled box in offsite storage indefinitely, contacting the study center to obtain approval before destroying any study documents)
  • Run internal practice studies


Customer Service   All employees of Conestoga Eye will be expected to interact with patients when appropriate and contribute to the positive and welcoming atmosphere of the practice. 

Optical   All employees will be crossed trained to support the optical center in the selling, fitting, and distribution of glasses. 

Brand Ambassadors  All employees of Conestoga Eye are considered brand ambassadors when out in the community and will be expected to provide truthful and appropriate standard practice information when asked.

Other duties as assigned


Supervisory - Yes


  • HS diploma or equivalent, BA or BS
  • Orthoptic certification from an approved program

Work Exp.

  • Completionof an orthoptic program   

Tech. Skills 

  • EHR/EMR experience preferred
  • Ability to operate testing equipment as outlined above

Physical Demands 

  • Ability to lift up to 30 lbs
  • Ability to sit, stand, walk, and move around the office throughout the day
  • Ability to sit or stand for extended periods of time

Contact Person: Heather Modjesky [email protected]


Posted 1/10/2019