AACO Leadership

The following officers and directors will be guiding the organization for the coming year (2019/2020) . . .

Executive Committee

President - Shelley Klein, CO, COMT; Boston, MA
President-elect - Alex Christoff, CO, COT; Baltimore, MD 
Vice President - Laura Kirkeby, OC(C); San Diego, CA 
Secretary - Nina Palomba, CO; Fort Collins, CO
Treasurer - Alicia Baird, CO, COMT; Little Rock, AR
Immediate Past-president - Cheryl McCarus, CO, COMT, OSA; Baltimore, MD 


Eastern Regional Representative - Jennifer Lambert, CO; Boston, MA
Southern Regional Representative - Angela Dillon, CO; The Woodlands, TX 
Midwest Regional Representative - Laura May, CO; Minneapolis, MN 
Western Regional Representative - Sally Murray, CO; Portland, OR
AOC Representative - Pamela A. Huston, CO; Pittsburgh, PA
AOC Representative - Emily Miyazaki, CO; St. Louis, MO
JCAHPO Representative - Sarah Whitecross, CO, OC(C); Boston, MA 
IOA Representative - Kyle Arnoldi, CO, COMT; Buffalo, NY 

Appointed Positions

AAP Representative - Sarah MacKinnon, MSc, OC(C), CO, COMT; Boston, MA
Parliamentarian - Ann Vines, CO; Smyrna, GA
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