Membership Benefits

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Why Join the AACO?

The AACO is a close network of orthoptists and orthoptic students across North America, working together to promote both the profession and the individual member. There are several different types of membership: Active Member; current AOC-certified orthoptists who have paid dues to the AACO, Associate Member; orthoptists who paid dues to AACO but who do not have a current AOC certification and/or orthoptists certified in another country. Life Membership, retired orthoptists who were dues-paying members of the AACO for at least 20 years; Student Membership, students in AOC-accredited orthoptic programs who pay reduced dues; and Honorary Membership; conferred upon non-orthoptists in recognition of outstanding contribution to orthoptics. One does not have to be employed in the United States to be a member of the AACO.

To become an AACO member, the Membership Committee to obtain an application form - CLICK HERE
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Being an AACO member provides an Orthoptist many benefits!

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