Pay Your Dues


CLICK HERE to download a PDF/paper dues form.  You must use the PDF form if you are planning to pay your dues in six equal automatic installments.

The AACO dues rate for 2020 will continue to be $200, with a $50 late fee for payments made after March 1st.  PLEASE NOTE, our bylaws now set June 30 as the deadline for paying dues.  After that date, members in arrears will be in a suspended category.

IMPORTANT NOTICE -- Due to the COVID-19 public health emergency, the $50 late fee which became effective on March 1 has been waived.  In addition, we will not be enforcing the June 30 deadline for paying dues.  Full payment of dues, of course, will be gratefully accepted, and dues must be paid no later than December 31.  Members who are experiencing financial challenges as a result of the coronavirus pandemic may spread their dues payment out over six equal installments (July through December).  In addition, you may request a deferment of your dues payment until December 31 (or sooner).  Members with significant financial difficulties may request a complete waiver of dues for 2020.  Please contact the AACO administrative office ([email protected]) for specifics on how to request a deferral or a complete waiver.

The AACO and your committees are working very hard to deliver services to the members that are of value, and AACO leaders very much appreciate your membership!

2020 Dues Rates

  • Active Members - $200*
  • Associate Members - $200*
  • Student Members - No dues charged
  • Newly certified orthoptist - No charge for the year you are certified, then a 50% for the first full year after certification (i.e., if certified in 2019, then no charge, and 50% the normal dues rate for 2020)
  • Life Member - No charge

*  After March 1st, a $50 late fee will be added

Printed membership directory (mailed to you) - $10
    The directory will be published in August 2020

Pay your dues online by credit card -- CLICK HERE

   You will be required to log-in to the website to use the online dues form.

Notes and Additional Information

When you pay your dues online, the form also will ask you to verify some information for the AACO membership directory.  By reviewing these items, we will be able to maintain accurate data and accommodate your preferences for what is published in the directory.

Also, your dues invoice (online and paper) will offer you the opportunity to purchase a printed membership directory which will be mailed to you.  The printed 2020 directory will be sent out in August.  Of course, the online directory is accessible 24/7 for members who log-in to the AACO website.

Finally, as in the past, all members may make a voluntary donation to the AACO.  Space is provided on the dues form for this purpose.


Email the AACO administrative office at:  [email protected]