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Eye Terms and Conditions

  • Eye conditions and terms

    The American Association of Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus has a comprehensive list ophthalmic terminology and conditions

  • Double Vision

    Double vision (Diplopia) describes an individual seeing two images of a single object. The AACO has created a tri-fold brochure explaining the causes and possible treatment options.

  • Divergence Insufficiency

    Also known as age related distance esotropia, this describes an acquired inability of the two eyes to fully diverge when looking at objects in the distance, usually causing double vision.

  • Dragged-Fovea Diplopia Syndrome

    Also known as Foveal Misregistration/ Foveal Displacement Syndrome/ Macular Diplopia or Central-Peripheral Rivalry

Prisms and Glasses

  • Prism FAQs

    Prisms are often prescribed as a non-surgical treatment option for double vision. AACO has created a one sheet handout to answer the most frequently asked questions.

  • Selecting Children's Glasses

    Learning your child needs glasses can feel overwhelming especially if no one else in the family is a glasses wearer. This brochure guides you through picking your child's first pair.

Vision Screening Resources

  • Vision Screening Recommendations

    Recommended pediatric vision screening ages & methods

  • State Vision Screening Legislation

    List of current legislation in all 50 states including links to relevant legislation


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