Specialized Pediatric Eye Care
Beverly, MA

Our pediatric ophthalmology and adult strabismus clinic is seeking an experienced part-time Orthoptist to join our practice in Beverly, MA. We are a small practice seeing about 5,000 patient encounters a year and offer a full range of ophthalmology and optometry services, from surgery to contact lenses. Although most of our patients are children, our practice does see adults with strabismus and some with developmental delay.

You will be responsible for evaluating and treating children and adults with ocular motility disorders and a full range of other disorders such as pediatric cataract, nystagmus, low vision from a multitude of diagnoses but in a small community practice. We will ask you to evaluate each child/person at their developmental age or stage to aid the clinician in diagnosis and treatment.

You will work in a clinical setting to assess patients with the use of retinoscopy, ocular motility and binocular vision including but not limited to amblyopia, convergence insufficiency and all other forms of strabismus. You should be familiar with sensorimotor evaluation and measurement for pre- and post-surgical strabismus and other complaints relating to binocular function including prism fitting as appropriate. You will be asked to give medications for the comprehensive eye exams as well as treatment.

We are looking for someone to join our practice family who enjoys working with children of all ages and stages in a community setting. Must be patient, self-driven and motivated and happy to operate as part of a team.

Essential Functions

  • Gather patient information and review medical records
  • Utilize medical record system to update patient information and medical record
  • Administer diagnostic tests
  • Prepare and administer eye medications
  • Maintain and clean ophthalmic instruments
  • Assist providers in basic patient procedures
  • Responsible for maintenance of pediatric ophthalmology clinics, which include maintaining files, stocking exam rooms, maintaining exam room equipment and pharmaceutical supplies


  • Work requires certification as an orthoptist/ophthalmic medical technician with two years’ experience as an orthoptist.
  • Interpersonal skills needed to interact with pediatric and adult patients.
  • Must demonstrate the knowledge and skills necessary to assess the needs of adult and pediatric patient populations in order to provide care appropriately.

Job Type: Full-time or Part-time

Please send cover letter/resume to [email protected]