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Syllabus and Core Competency

Two AOC published documents are available from the AOC Home Office:

  • NEW REVISED 2023 Edition Syllabus of Orthoptic Instruction [$150]
  • Core Competencies: Essential Skills for Orthoptists [$35]
 Click here to order the Syllabus, Core Competencies or both 

Each document outlines/details essential information to master, the Syllabus more didactic information and the Core Competencies more clinically oriented.

  • Integral part of all Orthoptic Fellowship Program didactics and clinical skills
  • Basis of the material on the Orthoptist certifying examinations
  • Useful resource for Fellows in Pediatric Ophthalmology
  • Beneficial to Employers of Orthoptists to better understand the scope of practice


Contact the AOC Home Office to purchase one or both, you can also order electronically above 


[email protected]   



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