The American Association of Certified Orthoptists would like to celebrate, congratulate, and remember those people who have contributed to the field of Orthoptics and the AACO.  Is there an Orthoptist, a Physician or person that you feel should get recognition for their excellent work in the field? Tribute donations are 100% tax deductible and can be made anonymously to honor a person or persons or with a note that is published on the AACO website and in the biannual newsletter PRISM. The funds donated will be used for the purposes of education, research and the promotion of the field of Orthoptics  (i.e. research projects, academic materials for students, a special lecture, or other educational opportunities throughout the year).

Your thoughtful donations are greatly appreciated by the AACO and help to highlight the many special people who make Orthoptics a marvelous field.

There are two ways to make your donation. You can submit your donation online using our form below or you can download and print the form and mail it in with your donation to our home office. 





To mail your donation in, please download the AACO Tribute Fund donation form and mail it to our home office with your donation. 




In Memory of Dr. Stephen Reeves Waltman
In Memoriam of Dr. Stephen Reeves Waltman beloved husband of Gill Roper-Hall, given with love from her orthoptic students - Katie, Angela, Marla, Jay, Em and her colleague, Megan
In memory of Gill Roper-Hall's husband, for being a wonderful man, supporter of Gill, and all CO's. - Patricia F. Jenkins

In Memory of Dr. Melinda A. Rainey
In loving memory of Melinda...a staunch proponent of the orthoptic profession and unwavering friend to many. May she rest in peace! - Katherine J. Fray
Melinda was a compassionate and loyal friend who was always able to see the best in others. - Kyle A. Arnoldi
In loving memory of Dr. Rainey - Patricia F. Jenkins

In Memory of Arlene A. Stearns
 I'll always remember Arlene as she taught a resident, Richard Ruiz, who eventually became my department chairman at University of Texas - Houston Medical School. He was a MAJOR part of my perfect job because he respected Arlene so much. - Patricia F. Jenkins

In Honor of Doris B. Bobb
In honor of Doris' 100th Birthday! - Patricia F. Jenkins

In Memory of Fausta Weingeist
I make this annual donation in the name of my mother Fausta Weingeist who was a very active member of the AACO as a certified orthoptist and promoted the profession in many ways including making it such an exciting career for me - Leslie Weingeist France, CO




Nikki Batra, CO
AACO Tribute Committee Chair
[email protected]