UCLA DGSOM Jules Stein Eye Institute
Los Angeles


JOB Description

Duties to be performed on the job

Provide professional optometric services in the Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus Division.

Skills, knowledge, and abilities essential to perform the job

The following skills are required:
  • Possession of a license issued by the California State Board of Optometry to practice optometry
  • Verbal communication skills to clearly convey information to patients, students, faculty and staff
  • Knowledge and abilities essential to the successful performance of the assigned tasks and responsibilities
  • Experience in the measurement of strabismus in children and adults
  • Experience in working with visual problems of young children
  • Experience in treatment of amblyopia

Job Title: Senior Opthoptist
Job Category: Healthcare
Job Code/Req#: H99645
Department/Group: Ophthalmology
Travel Required: Travel Required
Location: Los Angeles
HR Contact: Valentino Manlutac Position Type: Full Time

External Posting URL: https://www.uclahealthcareers.org/job/8963925/sr-orthoptist-westwood-ca/#tab-id-1

Applications Accepted By: Online application on UCLA website

Posted 1/23/2019